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If you're white and have 'depression' or whatever you need to grow up and get over yourself. You don't have actual problems. It must be so had having everything in the world handed to you on a sliver platter. God, I'm just so sick of whinny white girls crying about how depressed they are and cutting themselves when they have had everything they have ever wanted and needed handed to them by mommy and daddy. It's really disgusting. Like get over yourself.

recoveryisbeautiful answered:

I honestly just don’t even know how to respond to this right now.

  1. Just because someone is white does not mean that they don’t have problems.
  2. Just because someone is white does not mean that they have everything they’ve ever wanted.
  3. Just because someone is white does not mean their parents hand everything to them.

Let’s also take into consideration that depression have very little relation to the problems in a person’s life. Depression is a MEDICAL condition. It’s a chemical imbalance in a person’s brain. Yes, environmental factors can trigger or worsen it. That doesn’t mean they cause it though.

I’m white. I don’t have problems? Eh… I’m actually pretty lucky. I don’t have many problems. Most of my problems stem from my mental illness’. Developing PTSD after crushing my mouth didn’t have to do with my mental illness’ though… neither did being sexually assaulted. I don’t have everything I want… I have what I need. I have that because I got very lucky with the parents I have. They would do anything for me. They would put treatment first before anything else if/when I need it regardless of cost… but that’s for my health. That’s to help save my LIFE. They give me what I need… but they taught me to work for what I want. And I do. I don’t like shit being handed to me. In fact, I fucking HATE it. I refuse help constantly because I want the satisfaction of doing it on my own. Because I know that I’m strong enough to do things on my own. My parents love me which is why they take care of me the way they do. Like I said, I’m lucky. Not everyone is that lucky.

Just because a person is white doesn’t mean their parents love or take care of them the way they should. They can be given up for adoption, go from foster home to foster home, be abused, and have all the other bad shit you can think of happen to them just like the rest of the world.

And what exactly do you define as an “actual problem”? You can’t compare anyone’s problems to another person anyway. It doesn’t fucking work like that. 

Also, race has absolutely ZERO to do with mental illness. ANYONE can suffer depression. ANYONE can self injure. It can even be the one person you think has the most perfect life in the world. That one person you wish you could be because they have it so easy. They get good grades, and their beautiful in a way you wish you could be, and they have money in their family, ect, ect… That person could very easily have depression or ANY other mental illness.

And with all of that aside, you have no right to assume that every white girl on the planet has it SO easy and has everything handed to them anyway. You don’t know what people’s lives are like. You don’t know what people go through. Not everyone at least. It’s impossible.








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